Thursday, September 1, 2011

:) Oh, yes, I'm smiling.

I think I've been shopping every day for the past 5 days (besides sunday). Preparing for college is quite the task! However, in the process, I am learning to downsize, recycle, downsize, give/throw away things I don't need, and to look at the sales! Finally got my D. Marona scholarship info figured out, so college will be good and paid for next week if they get their "papers" to the college in time! I've gotten to see a lot of friends this week which is always REALLY nice! My friends keep me sane. :) I will miss them dearly, as well as my loving family. But you know, life is good! I'm sthuper duper exthcited for college and all the adventures it will bring! I had the lovliest of birthdays this week! It was so great! I got a lot of happy birhtday greetings from family and friends and am STILL getting them! :D I think I appreciate the late ones more than the on-time ones, just because it makes my birhtday last longer AND the person actually cares enough to admit they missed it, but still wish me a happy birthday anyway. It's just great stufff. :) I got a lot of lovely things for college and I am feeling almost completely reading to head off!! :D Just one more week! Kind of bittersweet, leaving home is, for the first time. It will be tough leaving a lot of things behind me, but I'm excited to learn, grow, have fun, meet people and experience amazing things! Like I said, life is good. :) Do I make too many smiley faces?! I'm just a very expressive person when I talk, so I feel like in order for a person to know my expressions via text I have to use faces. :) :( :'( :') ;) xD :D :P :S :\ :| :3 <3 Do you know what I MEAN?? Haha Why am I always tired when I write these things. Well, I must continue to clean my room so I can start packing! Peace and Blessings, whoever you are!! From now on, when I say "whoever you are" (because I've been saying that in my posts I think) I'm just gonna say WYA. Okay?! Okay, good. I'm glad you understand. :) <----- Oh, yes, I'm smiling. "It is our choices...that show what we truly are, far more than our abilities." - J. K. Rowling (Love that woman.)

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