Monday, July 25, 2011

Why must the waters flow so high?

I'm not sure if anyone really is going to read this but I thought I would go ahead and write my second post on my fairly new blog! I've been having a fantastic summer thusfar, a lot of relaxing, playing and some working-which is always good. I think I get the most satisfaction out of getting things done, even if it's not so fun working when you'd rather play. Make sense? Anywho, last night my friend Blair asked me to hike to Pillar Falls with her and some other of our friends at 8 this morning. We hiked down the really steep path (including much wilderness and annoying bugs the nearer you get to the river!) We finally reached the place where I've usually crossed to get to Pillar Falls and the water was flowing soo high! It was too deep so we turned around and tried going another way. We arrived at another place I've crossed last year with some other friends and the water was just as deep but this time the current was crazy because we were much closer to the falls. We wanted to cross so bad but didn't want to risk it. So, we turned around for a second time, up through the wilderness once more, and sat on a rock once we got to the top. In the meantime, (I've been saying that phrase a lot today...) Blair and Jana went venturing for another trail. They were in eyesight almost for most of the time, so we weren't worried about losing them. After about 30ish minutes they came back and told us there was another trail they could see from above that lead to where the falls were. We decided that we were too tired to try the trail and returned back up the incredibly steep path. I had incredibly bad breathing problems and I'm now convinced that I have asthma. I thought I was just being pathetic and really, really out of shape (which I am!), but it was very scary. Even when I was resting I couldn't stop my shortness of breath. If I do have Asthma, that really explains some problems I have with breath control in singing. I plan to go to the doctor's next week and check it out. At least I will be completed as a Nerd once I get an inhaler. :) We cooled off with cold hosewater and then went to Sonic and got slushiiiesss! And Mozzerella sticks for me. Yes, I've accepted that I probably gained back everything I burned off from the hike...hahah.
So sometimes I like to make symbols of things that happen in my life. I know it might seem cheesy/corny/cliche' but I think it's a good thing sometimes. I think that:
-the falls=things in life that I want to do/achieve
-the deep, current-filled water=some kind of barrier

I've been told lately that "God's in the driver's seat" and I really like that idea. It's true, though, God knows what's our best interest, He knows how we can become the best possible person we can. The deep water we can't cross, might be barrier that God places that protects us from something dangerous that lies in where we want to get. For example that could be stronger currents on the other side, water snakes, ticks...the options are limitless. haha. Well, that is my spiel. And this is the end of my post! TTFN

P.S. "I love a warm pig belly for my aching feet! Fat boys!! I love my fat boys." I'm watching Alice in Wonderland. It's soo interesting. I love Helena Bonham Carter, she's a weirdie but she's so talented and funny in this movie! And Johnny Depp is amazing too, I've always loved him. However, I dislike Anne Hathaway...and that is all. :P

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Bloggy Blog

My dear friend Kambrie here is helping me create my own blog! I'm very excited and can't wait to update friends/family on my life. Yay!