Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Man alive!

So I feel very inconsistent it being November 15th and all and I haven't written (wrote, wrotten? I'm far too tired to be speaking...writing...) since the beginning of the semester!! Life has been so crazy! I hardly have a moment to just breathe. BUT. Nevertheless, I am having a blast! Things are a little overwhelming at times, but hey, that's completely normal. Right? I am currently in the most amazing musical behelded (excuse me) to mankind, "The Drowsy Chaperone"!! Yeah, sure, the title sounds sketchy for BYU-I, but those who judge by titles/book covers etc. will fail in life. Here are a few things I love about it: 1. The cast is AMAZING!! I love each and everyone of them. Not only are they all incredibly gifted and beautiful in their own ways, they are sweeter and genuine than any other people I have ever met. I have grown so close with them all these past few months! 2. The director, music director, stage managers, techies and everyone else that help with the show are all amazing as well. These people are on top of the ball 24/7 and really know their stuff! And they are all incredibly nice as well. :) 3. The script alone is hilarious. SO funny!! And all the actors just make it that much more funny. 4. The set, technical stuff and all the props are fascinating. It all comes very close to being Broadway quality. No joke. I've been to Broadway people, I know these things!! Ok, I guess it's like a step below, but it's pretty DANG good for Rexburg, Idaho! 5. I get to be a maid. And a monkey. And a CLOUD. Whoever wouldn't want those roles are seriously misled in life. I'm not even being sarcastic. I love being in the ensemble, it's the greatest! I'm so grateful for this show, the people I've met through it and the things I'm learning through it. The fact that it is making my grades worse, keeping me exhausted and cutting back on my time with roomates and friends, doesn't really seem to matter when each show is finished. :) If I were not in the show, I would probably come every night just to see it. This much is true. This is the end of this blog because I feel I have said what I need to say and if I have perchance left anything out, I will write it all at another time when I feel like not doing any of my homework at midnight. :) Goodnight, I love you, whoever you are.