Thursday, September 15, 2011

Love it...love it all!

Why hello again. So much has happened in one week! Last thursday I left my home of 14 years with various things I need to survive for a few months and drove for 3 hours to BYU-IDAHO! I've settled in and I am LOVING it here!! I loved my roomates from the moment I met them and we are already becoming great friends! I can not go a day without laughing at anything they've said/done, they're hilarious and so so sweet! :) I've decided to start off my college career with a music-vocal performance major. So far, my life is being completely consumed with music. And it will only get worse, I know. I'm a little nervous, not quite sure why I'm doing that and not anything else, but I do feel like I will have a good growing experience, whether I continue my 2nd semester with a music major, or not. I just love to sing, almost more than anything else. And I love to bless and inspire people with my talents. I have been auditioning for a LOT of things! I auditioned for Collegiate Singers (the high class, audition choir) and was told that I had a small chance of making it in as a freshman, but to come back in a semester or two and I might be ready. (Basically, Bro. Kempton wants me to have more experience before I join..but he admires my skills and wants me in his choir in the future. I know this because he told me.) I auditioned for Women's choir and made it in. I auditioned for Voice Lessons-155 and made it. And I auditioned for 2 musicals going on in the area last night. "The Drowsy Chaperone" (by the school) and "White Christmas" (by Playmill Theatre). They told me I could only be in one, so the directors will talk to each other and decide which one I belong in! The stage manager for White Christmas was really nice and explained a lot of things to me. The directors of White Christmas really enjoyed my audition piece "Pulled" from the Broadway Musical The Adams Family. And they told me to come to callbacks tonight in dance attire so they can see if I can dance! The only dance instruction I have is from being in showchoir for 2 years in High School, but hopefully that won't be a detriment to me. It's better than nothing, right?!? And my (hopefully) last audition is tonight (during my callbacks bleeh) for Opera Workshop, which is required for you to audition if you are in Voice Lessons-155. I secretly hope I don't make that one because it's just another thing I have to do!! I've already had to drop two of my classes to make sure I'm not going to stress myself out my first semester. 14 credits seems like a good round number, considering all the extra things I have to do on the side!! ANYWHOO, that is my ramble. Hope you enjoyed. As for the rest of college, I really love it...I love it all! The campus is great, not neccessarily gorgeous, but it is nice. Besides the construction. And the hills..and the fact that our apartment is a whiles away from the center of campus (even farther from Snow building which is where most of my classes are!) But it's alright, I'm getting exercise, which is really good! :D Something I've been wondering this entire week is, HOW CAN SO MANY BEAUTIFUL PEOPLE LIVE IN ONE PLACE?!? Honestly!! Every other guy I see here is attractive beyond all reason and practically all the girls are drop dead gorgeous! And everyone has such great style, I love it! I've never seen so many Toms in my life, either. Them mormons. Hahah :) I'm making lots of friends and meeting all sorts of great people. The homework hasn't gotten to an unbearable amount yet, it's tough trying to manage my time and prioritize, but I'm handling it. Kambam and I really need to get to bed earlier though. I don't know if I've ever stayed up so late every night for this long of a period! I'm usually exhausted during the day, but I find I can get my energy from lots of things, including prayer and faith that I can make it. :) The devotionals here are so good! And I really enjoy being able to feel the Spirit in most of my classes, if not all. As members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints, students and teachers are able to discuss gospel principles and doctrine in any class and teachers can bear testimony of the truth of the gospel and how it relates to the topic being taught. I know that I am supposed to be here. I don't know if it matters too much what I'm studying at this point, what matters most right now is that I'm living the gospel, expanding my education, developing my talents and striving to become more like my Savior, Jesus Christ. Thank you for reading, whoever you are! Peace and Blessins! <3

Thursday, September 1, 2011

:) Oh, yes, I'm smiling.

I think I've been shopping every day for the past 5 days (besides sunday). Preparing for college is quite the task! However, in the process, I am learning to downsize, recycle, downsize, give/throw away things I don't need, and to look at the sales! Finally got my D. Marona scholarship info figured out, so college will be good and paid for next week if they get their "papers" to the college in time! I've gotten to see a lot of friends this week which is always REALLY nice! My friends keep me sane. :) I will miss them dearly, as well as my loving family. But you know, life is good! I'm sthuper duper exthcited for college and all the adventures it will bring! I had the lovliest of birthdays this week! It was so great! I got a lot of happy birhtday greetings from family and friends and am STILL getting them! :D I think I appreciate the late ones more than the on-time ones, just because it makes my birhtday last longer AND the person actually cares enough to admit they missed it, but still wish me a happy birthday anyway. It's just great stufff. :) I got a lot of lovely things for college and I am feeling almost completely reading to head off!! :D Just one more week! Kind of bittersweet, leaving home is, for the first time. It will be tough leaving a lot of things behind me, but I'm excited to learn, grow, have fun, meet people and experience amazing things! Like I said, life is good. :) Do I make too many smiley faces?! I'm just a very expressive person when I talk, so I feel like in order for a person to know my expressions via text I have to use faces. :) :( :'( :') ;) xD :D :P :S :\ :| :3 <3 Do you know what I MEAN?? Haha Why am I always tired when I write these things. Well, I must continue to clean my room so I can start packing! Peace and Blessings, whoever you are!! From now on, when I say "whoever you are" (because I've been saying that in my posts I think) I'm just gonna say WYA. Okay?! Okay, good. I'm glad you understand. :) <----- Oh, yes, I'm smiling. "It is our choices...that show what we truly are, far more than our abilities." - J. K. Rowling (Love that woman.)